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02 October 2017

All we need now...is your presence! 

"APP"reciated the WISTA Conference app!!

30 September 2017

"When traveling to Rotterdam, you might have to wait at the airport or train station. That's the right time to install the WISTA 2017 Conference app, if you haven't done that yet. 

The app has been offered to you through a personalized e-mail in which a link is stated that you need to click in order to install on your mobile phone.

Note that you need to update (refresh) the app on a regular basis yourself in order to be able to see all newly installed attendees. Personalize the app and update your profile by going to the icon in the right upper corner and selecting settings. You can add information about yourself or your business under "about".

Do not forget to refresh the app by clicking “check for updates” in the menu.

Parking information for guests arriving by car to Welcome reception

28 September 2017

Guests parking their car in the APCOA parking garage (Hartmansstraat 35 Rotterdam) will receive a discount of 20% on their parking fee, by collecting a stamp on their parking ticket at the reception of the Maritime Museum upon arrival.

Check complete programm and speakers here

Organizing Committee and Event planners

28 September 2017

Connie Roozen, Sylvia Boer, Michon-Jolân Bullen and Thea Pelupessy form the Organizing Committee of the WISTA 2017 Conference.
Supported by the Event Planners Vanessa Jager and Caroline Verhoeve from QCites, they will do everything in their power to make sure this Conference will be an experience to remember!

Printed programme in flipbook or pdf

28 September 2017

The conference printed programme is brought to you in different formats. The hardcopy will be in your goodie-bag. For now, check the pdf and flipbook version via the link below.

Check printed programme here

How to get there

27 September 2017

The link below tells you how to get from Rotterdam Airport to Rotterdam Center by public transport or even from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Rotterdam and the Mainport Hotel.

Find out how to get there here

Check out the registered participants

27 September 2017

Are you interested in who got registered and who you will be able to meet next week? Check the list added to the registration page. Over 275 registered participants will be there, be prepared to have a fruitful conference!

Check all registered participants here

Registration closed

19 September 2017

The registration possibilities for the conference have been closed as per today.

City tours update

19 September 2017

The city tour choice has been reduced to only the Art & Architecture Tour as the RDM and Kinderdijk Tour are fully booked!

The Dutch social ways

11 September 2017

 The Dutch are creative, open minded and pragmatic. They are also rather direct, honest and open in their dealings with others. The Dutch are known for their tolerant attitudes towards topics such as abortion, euthanasia and (soft) drug use.

Check more general info & tips here

Registration desk opening times

06 September 2017

The registration desk - to be found in the Mainport Hotel lobby - where you will get your badge, shake-on device and printed programme will be open at the following times:
Tuesday 3rd of October from 16:00 - 18:30 hrs
Wednesday 4th of October from 08:30 - 18:30 hrs
Thursday 5th of October from 07:30 - 10:00 hrs
Check the website on a regular basis and enjoy your stay in Rotterdam to the max! 

WISTA app to keep informed

31 August 2017

Next to the Conference website - Check out the Wista 2017 Conference app and connect with all attendees via the twoppy app (on your mobile device).

Get connected through your invitation e-mail, by clicking on your personal link and don't forget to get update the app on  your device on a regular basis to see who is newly connected. Moreover this applies to the website also! In order to fresh up your cache press F5 on the page you wish to refresh on a regular basis.

Check the app here

RINAKOM - Sponsor in the spotlight

28 August 2017

RINAKOM Transport Services provides consultancy services in shipping Matters and Trade Facilitation.Offers training in relevant national and international policies that affect the interest of cargo owners. It manages events such as seminars, conferences, Trade fairs and exhibitions with the aim of creating value for the client.
Air Travel:  Air port meet greet as well as Car Hire Services.
Border and cross border Information and activities
Provides advice for newly created maritime companies and products in Ghana and give assistance in the areas of import and exports to and from Ghana.
You can call on Rinakom Transport services for  assistance when investment in Ghana.

Read more about RINAKOM here

Programme and speakers - updated

25 August 2017

The conference programme is complete for some time now. Be sure not to have missed any topic or speaker. The topics and speakers you might not have been introduced to yet:

  • "Carrousel Rave Tug: a game changing tugboat" - Speaker: Leendert Muller - Multraship B.V.

  • "The clean world of the future" - Speaker: Joyce Bliek - Rotterdam Logistic Lab

  • "Staying ahead in ports" - Speaker: Patrick Verhoeven - International Association of Ports and Harbours

  • "The Port and the Court" - Speaker: mr. P.A.M. (Pauline) van Schouwenburg and Christine Sikkel - Maritime Court Rotterdam

  • "The world of the big data" - Speaker: Wiebbe Bonsink - Hebo Maritiem Service BV

Check complete programm and speakers here

City trips disclosed!

18 August 2017

We’re passionate, motivated and excited to organise three citytrips for you on Friday the 6th of October. They will start after lunch and will finish, depending on the trip of your choice, at the latest around 17:00 hrs. The following tours will be offered:

  • RDM Campus Tour
  • UNESCO Kinderdijk Tour

Check the more detailed information about the City Trips and inform us about the trip of your choice by clicking the link below.

Read more about the City Trips here

City trips unveiled tomorrow! - Stay put!

17 August 2017

The city trips will be unveiled here tommorow! And with that the possibiliy to register yourself for the trip of your choice. Come back quickly tomorrow!

Banks and Currency exchange

15 August 2017

The Netherlands official currency is the Euro. Paying with Euros is the most cost effective and other currencies are unlikely to be accepted.

To be prepared upon your arrival, it may be wise to exchange a small amount of money at your local bank before traveling. Money exchange services at the airport are expensive so it wouldn’t hurt to already have enough Euros to buy a few goodies and pay for your taxi from the airport.

Read more about banks and currency exchange here

Dresscodes uncovered

30 July 2017

All dresscodes have been added to the Conference programme, but dress codes can be difficult to decipher at times, so on the General info and Tips page we added some information about the dress codes at the conference and what they mean. We offer you these dress code infos with attire photo examples to guide you through and suggest what might be appropriate to wear for the programme segments with the corresponding dress code.

Dresscodes uncovered here

App to be launched soon!

30 July 2017

The WISTA 2017 Conference app will be launched soon. Don't wait to long to download the app, it will guide you before, during and after the Confence! Don't miss this great app's added value!

Shaking hands for a growing network

26 July 2017

Check out the video and get a sneak preview on how your network will grow by shaking hands!

LAST WEEK to complete your registration at the standard rate, so don't wait any longer and register before the 1st of August 2017. This is your last chance to save € 100,- on your registration fee, € 650,- for WISTA members and € 750,- for non-members. After the 1st of August the late rate will apply.

Register right away here

Check out our sponsors and available opportunities 

25 July 2017

WISTA the Netherlands is proud to present to you the conference sponsors, who take a special interest in supporting the WISTA 2017 Conference and its theme "Future-Proof Maritime Solution". These sponsorships are the key to making this event a success. The generous support in underwriting this event, promotes WISTA’s mission to support women in the maritime industry worldwide with networking and development opportunities.

Are you still thinking of a sponsorship, check out the opportunities we provide or contact us for tailor-made packages info@wista2017international.com.

Check out sponsors and opportunities here

WISTA the Netherlands announces partnership with Digital Ship for the Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam in September

16 July 2017

WISTA the Netherlands is delighted to be collaborating with Digital Ship this year as Supporting Partner for the upcoming 4th Annual Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam taking place at Hilton Rotterdam on 26th September 2017.

For 17 years Digital Ship magazine has provided the digital community of the world's maritime industry with the latest news and developments, including satellite communications, software, navigation and electronics, to help keep shipping operating with maximum safety, efficiency and crew comfort.

Members of WISTA Netherlands can benefit from a 30% discount* when they mention ‘WISTA’ in their registration for this event. Ship-owners and operators attend the conference free of charge.
* Discount only applies to delegate fee, and not to sponsorship or exhibition rates

Read more about the Digital Ship Annual Maritime CIO Forum here

Participants list added to the website

13 July 2017

Don't hesitate any longer to register! Are you interested in who already got registered till now? Check the list added here under the registration page. Almost 200 registered participants already from more dan 30 different countries!

Check participants list here

Complete your registration before the 1st of August

09 July 2017

The WISTA the Netherlands board is happy to inform you that almost 200 WISTA members have already registered for the conference. Therefore, in order to give more WISTA members and non-members the chance to take part the normal rate is prolonged till the 1st of August 2017!

Register quickly and still benefit of the WISTA standard rate of € 650,-.

After the 1st of August the late rate will apply. Spend the difference of 100 euro during your stay in Rotterdam by registering right away!

Register directly here

The WISTA 2017 Conference presents to you the Maritime Court

30 June 2017

The programme block Staying Ahead in Ports will present to you "The Port and the Court" by mr. Pauline van Schouwenburg and mr. Christine Sikkel. The maritime chamber of the Rotterdam court has - within the boundaries of EU rules - exclusive jurisdiction in nearly all shipping cases in the Netherlands.

Check complete programm and speakers here

WISTA the Netherlands - Conference kick-off meeting

12 June 2017

WISTA the Netherlands held a kick-off meeting to inform their Dutch WISTA members. They all were very interested in the progress made and it is with lots of enthusiasm that they reacted to the information given. They all look forward to take part to the conference in October. We are looking forward to see lots of WISTA members in Rotterdam but would like to emphasize on the fact non-members are welcome also.

Read more about the conference programme here

Developing Ships for the Future by Bridging the Gap between Design and Operation presented to you by Bas Buchner from MARIN

6 June 2017

Dr. Bas Buchner, president of MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands and the largest independent maritime research institute in the world - will be presenting you this theme in a fascinating way. In 2016 Dr. Bas Buchner was also the chairman of the project ‘Blueprint 2050, the maritime world beyond the horizon’ in which the Dutch maritime industry developed a future vision.

Check out the biography of Bas Buchner here

Presenting speaker Marjolein van Noort

31 May 2017

It is with pleasure that we present to you Marjolein van Noort. She will be uncovering the Clean World of the Future to you during the conference.She plays an active role in projects solving the plastic soup puzzle and is happy to share her story and knowledge with you.

Check out the biography of Marjolein van Noort here

Rotterdam guided harbour tour by boat

19 May 2017

Experience one of the world's largest ports in all its glory! Among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this trip is a special journey through one of the largest harbours in the world. You can see Rotterdam's impressive skyline with its imposing buildings glide by, and then get a unique view of the harbours shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers.

Check out the ship details here

Port of Rotterdam movie - Part I

17 May 2017

The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest sea port. The port owes its leading position to its outstanding accessibility for sea-going vessels. And to its intermodal connections and the 175,000 people working in and for Rotterdam’s port and industrial area. A place where unlimited ambitions can become reality.

Watch the movie here

Preview of Blockchain by Aljosja Beije

17 May 2017

Aljosja Beije from Bescope will present you "New technologies facing the industry". Blockchain could be the foundational technology that integrates the physical flow with the financial and informational flow in a wide range of industries, such as financial services, logistics, telecoms and commodity trade, enabling new business models and more efficient transactions.

Check out the biography of Aljosja Beije here

Mare Forum and WISTA cohesion of conferences

11 May 2017

Mare Forum and WISTA are very pleased to inform you that there will be a cohesion of their conferences taking place in October in Rotterdam. Mare Forum organises its Ship Finance Forum on Tuesday October 3rd at the Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam. As you all know the WISTA conference starts on Wednesday October 4th until Friday October 6th which was already planned to take place at the Mainport Hotel. 

We would herewith like to draw your attention to the fact that it is made possible to attend both conferences at a reduced rate. When registering to Mare Forum’s Ship Finance Forum, Mare Forum participants will receive 40% discount for the Thursday part of the WISTA International Conference, being the contribution of keynote speakers on October 5th 2017. The programme for participants making use of the 40% discount, will be from 08:30 hrs to 15:30 hrs. Please know that this discount is on upon availability on a first-come first-served basis and maximised to 50 Mare Forum participants. Registration needs to be made via the registration page.

Participants who join the full WISTA International Conference will receive a 40% discount for participating to the Mare Forum Ship Finance Forum. For more information and registration please visit the Mare Forum’s website.

Read more about Mare Forum here

Preview of the Recycled Islands 

11 May 2017

The conference programme includes "The clean world of the future" with a great contribution by Ramon Knoester - Recycled Islands. His biography has been added to the programme together with a movie to get a sneak preview of the Recycled Islands solution.

Check out the biography and movie on our programme page

Biography Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

26 April 2017

We are very proud to inform you about the fact Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry will be keynote speaker at the conference on thursday.
‘Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry is President of the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden. She holds a Ph.D in International Law from the University of Geneva, two LL.M and an LL.B degrees. She is also a Barrister-at Law. She has received a number of honorary awards for her contributions.'

Read more about Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry here

Presidents' dinner at unique location

12 April 2017

The Presidents' dinner which brings all presidents of the NWAs together ahead of the conference, will take place at the beautifull Wereldmuseum.

The Wereldmuseum is situated in the stately Shipping Quarter, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. The classical-style museum building on the banks of the Maas River was once the Yacht Club of Prince Hendrik.

Check out the Wereldmuseum location here

Welcoming reception

02 April 2017

It is with pleasure that we reveal to you the venue of the Welcoming reception.
The reception will be supported by the City of Rotterdam and held at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam and take place between the Museum Masterpieces. 
‘Masterpieces’ by the Maritime Museum is showcasing twenty-five unique objects from its centuries-old collection.
Each object has earned its place in the exhibition in its own special way – because of its revolutionary role in shipping, because it is a silent witness to a key moment in maritime history, or simply because it is such a high-quality piece.

Read more about the Maritime Museum here

Programme and speakers - updated

31 March 2017

The conference programme has been completed with topics and speakers. To give you a brief idea of what you can expect:
* "Preparing the new generation for the future" -  Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry - President World Maritime University (WMU)
* "Maritime solutions throughout the years past, present and future" - Rose Damen - Damen Shipyards Group (in picture left)
* "The clean world of the future" - Ramon - Knoester - Recycled Islands
* "The world of big data" - Marije Ruysch - Aviso Instruments B.V.
* "New technologies facing the industry" - Aljosja Beije - Bescope

Check complete programm and speakers here

Venue Gala disclosed!

29 March 2017

We are very proud to disclose to you the Gala venue of the WISTA 2017 Conference Gala dinner!
Hulstkamp Gebouw Rotterdam
A stunning building which was a gin distillery for Hulstkamp Jenever in the earlier days. The Hulstkamp Gebouw is one of the few buildings in this modern city that has stood the test of time. Located on the banks of the Maas, near the famous Erasmus bridge it is the ideal location for the WISTA Gala dinner.

Read more about the Hulstkamp here

Sponsors WISTA 2017 Conference

28 March 2017

We are thrilled with the fact that quite some companies are supportive to the WISTA 2017 Conference and are helping us through sponsoring to be able to create a great conference in Rotterdam.

Two of the package are by now sold out! The Coffee breaks are all picked up by sponsors and the Lunch breaks have all been signed for!

Already a big thanks to all the sponsoring parties and we are looking forward to be able to add more sponsors to our event.

Check our sponsors and visit their homepage for more info

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