Thursday 5th of October 2017

Marjolein van Noort

Our Oceans Challenge

"Below the surface: where ocean and technology meet"

Over the last 12 years Marjolein has worked in the field of the interaction between governments and business. Holding a masters degree in Economics, she has assessed numerous business cases in various markets.

During her work at the Ministry of Finance she dealt with various political and financial topics such as privatization of state owned companies, setting remuneration policies and developing new financial instruments for the export credit insurance. She left the government to work for Royal IHC which gave her valuable insight in the need for innovation in a highly competitive and global environment. Sustainability, creation of a new financial institute to fuel export and plastic and seaweed harvesting were a few of the topics she addressed. 

She is currently busy setting up  'Buro de dansende wolf' together with a business partner. The company will focus on seizing cross-sector business opportunities, facilitating entrepreneurs and developing an ongoing stakeholder dialogue between companies, NGOs and governments.

Marjolein is a board member of the Our Oceans Challenge, member of the 'Kernteam export en promotie' of the top sector water and a member of the valorization panel 'Developing socially responsible innovations' of the TU Delft and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.