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Michon-Jolân Bullen

Loyal Insurance Brokers B.V.

President WISTA The Netherlands
"Opening, Welcoming & Closing remarks"

When Michon-Jolân, at the age of 21, was employed as a temporary worker at an insurance broker in maritime insurances, she immediately knew she had found her passion. The ships, the technology, the people and the international character, it all came together and fitted her like a glove. After having gone through an extensive learning programme and seeing all aspects of the insurance business as well as learning and understanding more about the people owning the ships, she is now proud co-owner of Loyal Insurance Brokers B.V. which is situated in Groningen. Making sure her customers have nothing to worry about in case of an accident or occurrence is still her daily passion.

She joined WISTA the Netherlands in 2010 and became a part of WISTA's extensive network. After joining the board of WISTA the Netherlands in 2013 she became president in 2016. The last year, together with all the other members of the board, she has, with great pleasure and dedication, worked very hard to organize the 37th International Conference in Rotterdam and she is confident that this year will be another fantastic, educational, but especially networking experience!