Friday 6th of October 2017

Pino Spadafora

Rina Services S.p.A.

"From big data...to cyber security"

Mr. Pino Spadafora currently serves as Area Manager for North Europe region with RINA Services S.p.A, the classification society.
Pino is living and working in North Europe since 14 years, since then he has been successfully working to continually enhance the profile of the group throughout the region.
His current responsibilities encompass both group strategy and external corporate development, commercially and technically. In terms of group strategy Mr. Spadafora is specifically responsible for translating the group strategy across business streams into a group-wide plan and ensuring its consistency with the group’s vision and mission. Working closely with the Group’s executive directors and each individual business streams, Pino’s role is to identify potential partners for RINA with whom to collaborate to grow and build the Group.

He has acquired a strong experience in fleet management principles, customer service, issue resolution and he has also successfully managed customer retention and satisfaction.

He also holds a strong knowledge and technical experience focused on all aspects of the marine industry including  environmental and regulatory matters.

Previous employment
Mr. Spadafora joined RINA in May 2000, before than he was working as responsible of the purchasing at Errebi S.r.l., he has been after responsible for the Taurus Agency of the on-hire / off-hire inspection of the container vessels in Gioia Tauro Port, and acting as responsible of the new building projects for the Italian Coast Guard under the Italian Minister of the Transportation.

Mr. Spadafora holds a Master of Science in Naval Architecture. He holds also several statement of recognition issued by Schools and Agencies, among other the one issued by SDA Bocconi School of Management about the marketing of services.