Thursday 5th of October 2017

Ramon Knoester

Recycled Island Foundation

"A plastic free sea starts here"

Addressing the plastic pollution in our seas and oceans, Ramon has become one of the professionals to approach this environmental disaster locally and effectively.

Retrieving marine litter in ports and finding durable re-use of the plastic waste as building material for new floating nature landscapes. Initiating Recycled Park Rotterdam to capture plastic waste in the local harbor and preventing it from entering the North Sea.

Within the Recycled Island Foundation Ramon is fighting the further growth of marine litter in all possible ways with harbor clean ups, the development of passive litter traps, education and awareness programs, recycling floating debris and the realization of floating parks.

In Rotterdam already three passive litter traps are installed to retrieve the floating debris. With the retrieved litter the construction of the world’s first Recycled Park has begun in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven. 

Ramon is founder and board member of the Recycled Island Foundation, principal architect at WHIM architecture and initiator of Recycled Park. After graduating in Built environment and Architecture Ramon started his own office, which gives him the freedom to stretch the possibilities of modern architecture and marine design.