by Michon-Jolân Bullen
President WISTA the Netherlands

Welcome to the WISTA 2017 Conference homepage. We look forward to welcoming our WISTA sisters to the beautiful city of Rotterdam. We are proud to have been chosen by the NWAs to organize the 2017 International AGM & Conference. Rotterdam is a world-class business metropolis, with a port that is among the biggest worldwide and serves as the gateway to Europe. Rotterdam offers endless possibilities for conferences like ours.

With great maritime events surrounding our Conference date, this could be the opportunity for you to visit the Offshore Energy, the METS or the EUROPORT Exhibition during the fall of 2017.

It is with honour and passion that we will organize the WISTA 2017 Conference to emphasize once more the strong, professional networking organization that WISTA is. 

Looking forward to sharing experiences about mentoring, sharing knowledge, building networks and business relationships with not only our 140 strong and ambitious Dutch WISTA members, but with all of you coming from all continents.

Yours sincerely,

Michon-Jolân Bullen